Why Remora

Who We Are

We are trusted advisors for a handful of companies who are tired of paying for protection they don’t understand and that doesn’t always work. We make sure that what you have really works. We give you the keys and show you how to use them.

What We Do

We build cyber defence systems to suit the requirements of CEOs and board members. We start by making sure that that the people holding your company’s crown jewels are actually protecting them. Then we show you how to set the agenda with your IT people, what’s worth worrying about, what you should be spending, and how to know if it’s working.

Who We Work For

We work for CEOs and board members who are not comfortable being sitting ducks.

From Hedge Funds, innovative FinTech, Madtech, Greentech companies and established FTSE 100 and FTSE 250 organisations

What We Believe


The biggest security risks are the people who work for you. Once we strip away the acronyms and buzz words, it’s easy to teach them the fundamentals of security and have them follow best practices.


Your IT staff is fighting too many battles to focus on cyber defence and get it right. They need people who speak their language, can cut through the bureaucratic nonsense, and get everyone on the same page.


The best-selling software is developed by good marketers, but it’s just bells and whistles—it doesn’t really work. But the most advanced security software is developed by people who can’t sell it, market it, or explain how it works. There’s a gap that needs mending.

What Territory We Want to Occupy

We want to be the preferred advisor for an elite group of companies. We are the bridge between the mysteries of high tech and your boardroom.

How We’re Different

We bring cyber security back to earth, framing it in terms that your board room can understand and get behind. We plug the big holes first, not the ones that make us the most money. Because selling software isn’t our first priority, we focus on common-sense solutions like security education and best practices.



Uncover susceptibility to threats inside and outside your business.

Assess the magnitude of the threats and risks to plan for the future.

Comply with industry standards and methodologies to protect your data.



Building access controls and data room access

CCTV/Monitoring systems

IT equipment (computers, servers) Wireless equipment, routers, switches, access points

Printers, Shredders

Objects bearing security info, objects enforcing security principles


Information: sources, handling, storage, removals


IT service providers

Security audits, Insurance Security awareness brochures, emails, training materials

Third party apps assurance Business workflows



Social engineering

Security awareness


Social Media


OS, Web xml,



java, Dot net, code reviews


Business Applications

IPS/IDS Evaluation Data