Security Upgrade at a Multi-Family Office


Remora were originally invited to advise on an IT Consolidation Project as part of a money-saving initiative. However continuing problems with the email infrastructure switched the brief to a Risk Assessment.

The client also sought to increase inter-office collaboration between staff so specifically requested a review of data management processes to highlight internal and external vulnerabilities and potential risks through data leakage.

The client had recently experienced a significant turnaround of its senior management team and, as a result, the new team were looking to re-define the firm’s security position.

Services performed: A Risk Assessment

Time Taken: 8 days

Observations and Approach

We discovered that the poor performance of the Email infrastructure was due to its structure that included both a hybrid of physical and virtualised servers, and a mix of Exchange Email software versions. This situation had arisen due to perceived licence cost savings.

This poor performance had caused the relationship between the client and their outsourced IT service provider to deteriorate.

Deliverables and Conclusions

We provided our findings and a security strategy to the COO.

Our work led to:

  • A program to roll out updated processes and procedures in a revised staff handbook;
  • An increase in safeguards protecting proprietary data from being leaked externally;
  • Positive amendments to employees’ employment contracts which lead to a safer IT security state;
  • A significant improvement in the relationship between the firm and their IT Service Provider borne of a greater understanding of, and validation of, their expertise.