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A change in Cyber Culture at a Financial Services Firm

Seeking 3rd Party validation for their existing technology infrastructure, IT security budget, security policies and procedures, and advice on potential improvement strategies, the Technology department of the financial services firm invited Remora to perform a Cyber Risk Assessment and provide recommendations. The initiative was approved by the firm's Board of Directors.

A Charity has its Breached Website Successfully Restored

Having had its customer-facing website breached and unusable, a charity urgently invited Remora to remediate the situation.

CISO Service

A medium-size catering business became a victim of multiple cyber security attacks that lead to crippling of business operations and ultimately to significant financial losses and reputational damages. The Board decided to hire an outsourced Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) to tackle the cyber and data protection issues systemtically and maintain uninterrupted operation of the business on IT and IT security side.

DPO Service

A medium-size fintech company with a wide network of clients across Europe and the UK asked Remora to become the outsourced Data Protection Officer (DPO) for the business to ensure the company maintains protection of personally identifiable information in line with the EU GDPR requirements.

Improved Reliability for a Media Firm

A media firm located in a Managed Office invited Remora to perform a Risk Assessment. Despite good processes and an efficient IT service provider they have had a constant flow of incidents from other tenants of a shared building erroneously connecting their equipment into the firm's infrastructure resided in co-tenanted space.

ISO Implementation

A small company providing IT services to dozens of clients primarily in the Financial Sector was aiming to become compliant with ISO 27001 (a globally-recognised system of information security standards and procedures).


A med-size Credit Union realised that they incurred expenses of £450,000 for services they did not solicit. Remora was invited to investigate possible causes and suggest solution that will address the problem going forward.

Red Teaming

A regulated business received a request from one of their lead investors to assess their current level of cyber security protection.

Resilience and Recovery

An insure-tech company is about to be onboarded with the largest insurance brokerage and requires certain documentation to be deliverd as a part of a third-party due diligence process, including the results of resilience and recovery testing ('R&R' testing).


A small fintech company which works with around 50 clients had a minor data breach to their systems. A low-level associate at the company was targeted and opened an email link which contained malware that tried to breach the systems of organisation. The company had strong cyber security countermeasures in place and the data breach was stopped before it could cause any damage. However, Remora was contacted to run a cyber security awareness training course for all employees, so they are more alert to the security risks.

FTSE 100 Company Prepares for New Privacy Law - EU GDPR

A global business with 2000+ users aim to become fully compliant with Global Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) by May 2018. REMORA was contracted to define and implement the steps to make the Client's company compliant with EU GDPR by addressing the requirements of EU GDPR across the Client's global offices.

CEO Impersonation

Remora were invited by a Manufacturing Firm to investigate an email breach that resulted in a fraudulent email impersonationg the CEO being sent to the Finance Team and improper payments being made totalling over £150,000.


A Shipping company was infected by a "Cryptolocker" virus and attempts to remedy the situation by local IT staff had proven unsuccessful. Remora were urgently invited to resolve the situation.

Data Classification

The Client, a regulated financial organisation with 500+ global users aims to comply with EU GDPR regulation by May 2018. REMORA was contracted to define and implement a data classification policy to provide the basis for managing data consistently across their global operations and to plan for data leakage prevention.

Hedge Fund

A COO of a 30-person Hedge Fund invited Remora to perform a Risk Assessment. Despite tight governance processes, good relations with an efficient IT service provider, and having already implemented many cyber best-practise controls, he wanted a 3rd party review of the current environment to showcase to investors.

Security Upgrade at a Multi-Family Office

Remore were originally invited to advise on an IT Consolidation Project as part of a money-saving initiative. However continuing problems with the email infrastructure switched the brief to a Risk Assessment.

Penetration Testing and Follow-on Services for Hedge Fund

A London-based Hedge Fund received a request from its primary investor to run a vulnerability assessment for its IT systems and equipment. Remora were invited to perform the white box Penetratin testing.