Our focus:

Our team is made up of Certified Lead Auditors and Lead Implementers for ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Standards – a worldwide standard for security management systems.

We use a holistic approach to address IT security and cybersecurity for businesses in a variety of sectors. We set up systems to ensure that data integrity and confidentiality are kept intact even when a threat is identified or an attack on business IT system is performed.

We also look beyond IT systems to review how companies gather, store and handle sensitive information. Our goal is to make sure that important information is available to management and employees and is kept away from unwanted parties.


How we work with you:

We’re here not to compete with you, assign blame, or push particular security products. We’re here to support you, offer unbiased advice, and serve as a bridge between IT and senior management—as well as to connect other stakeholders including HR, legal and compliance.

Our job is to conduct a very thorough and focused analysis and draft a coordinated action plan to make sure all the security components of your IT architecture are working properly.

We educate senior management to make sure they understand risks. We help you resolve conflicts, resource and deliver projects, and make sure you have best in class protection.


What we do:

C-Suite Support: Do you have the right expertise at a Board level? Do you have systems in place to manage cyber security risk? Do you have a dedicated Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) or a virtual CISO? Do you need a Data Protection Officer (DPO)?

Breach Remediation: When your IT systems are breached what do you do? We will help you estimate the damage inflicted, resolve the IT-related issues that allowed such an incident to happen and prevent your business from unwanted security events in the future. We also help you with remediating the breach situation.

Security Assessment Reviews: Does your management understand your company’s level of IT security? What are the current and potential pitfalls of your security structures?

Staff Awareness Training: Does your staff know how to handle information securely and avoid human-related fraudulent events associated with storing and handling sensitive and confidential information?

IT Security Architecture Review and ISO 27001 preparation: How secure are your systems? Do you have the right structure in place that will help you get efficient cybersecurity protection and handle company information safely?

GDPR Readiness: Are you ready to comply with the new privacy legislation? Do you have the right processes in place that will help you mitigate the risk of receiving large financial penalties that can break your business?