Cyber Defence


Identify, analyse, and evaluate risk to ensure that your organisation understands the threat faced from potential ransomware attacks and how appropriate the controls you have in place are to the risks your organisation faces.

Our Ransomware Readiness Review will create and prioritise an inventory of potential weaknesses and improvements based on the level of technical risk emanating from security controls, systems, and recovery process against the constantly evolving threat vectors.


To test your organisations readiness for a phishing attack, Remora deliver a simulated phishing attack onto your employees. The simulation mirrors the latest phishing tactics used on victims to ensure it is bo th realistic and bespoke to your organisation.

We can target certain employees or a group of employees with this simulated attack. Our reporting after the phishing simulation enables you to make your staff aware of their potential to be your biggest threa t and how they can become your greatest cyber security asset.


Remora’s penetration test can be bespoke and tailored to each client’s preferences and requirements and designed to provide a baseline to work upon, to mitigate the risk i n a structured way . The tests are carried out by a penetration testing professional, who complies with the highest ethical standards and will perform the test without harming your businesses systems.

These tests will validate that your business’s IT syste ms are not susceptible to known vulnerable as of the day of the test. Following the test Remora will provide you with the guidance on how to achieve and maintain security of your systems.

Security Assessment Reviews

Does your management understand your company’s level of IT security?

What are the current and potential pitfalls of your security structures?

IT Architecture Review

How secure are your systems?

Do you have the right structure in place that will help you get efficient cybersecurity protection and handle company information safely?


Cyber security monitoring tailored to your businesses to detect threats and anomalous behaviour on your IT systems and infrastructure, to help keep you operational.

Cyber Monitoring enables you to identify cyber threats quickly, and understand which threats pose the greatest risk to your organisation. Remora are able to assess potential cyber risks and your operational resilience at a system, platform, and organisational level with mitigation options identified and explained.


Our Data Monito ring detects intrusions, malware, and malicious activity in your network, and across your devices and assists in rapid response to eliminate and mitigate those threats, to protect your data and digital assets.

Analysing the entirety of your security ecosys tem to identify any malicious activity that could compromise the network, your data, or your IP from both external and internal threats.

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