Cyber Security


Our Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (Virtual CISO) service provides your organisation with the expertise and ongoing guidance for the implementation and maintenance of your cyber security strategy.

Our V-CISO with will work with your organisati on to develop, implement, and monitor a strategic and comprehensive enterprise-wide information security and risk management programme to ensure the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of your information, to ensure it remains protected, controlle d, and processed.


Data has become ubiquitous within every organisation, from customer data to Intellectual Property and employee information, no matter if it is held on your company server or in the cloud, then data protection is now a necessity.

Remora’s Virtual Data Protection Officer (V-DPO) will become responsible for owning and updating as needed your Data Privacy policy, standards, instructions, and guidance to reflect relevant data protection legislation and regulatory guidance, including “Pri vacy by Design” and “Privacy by Default” rules for your organisation. Advising and supporting the drafting and updating of Information Security policy, standards, guidelines, and guidance. As well as advising senior stakeholders and the business, and engag ing in internal awareness campaigns, in relation to data privacy policy interpretation and implementation.


Improved cyber security is the key mechanism by which organisations achieve operational resilience in the face of evolving th reats. Remora enable organisations to manage their cyber security risk, by identifying services procured against structured regulatory frameworks.

This helps organisations to understand their stance on cyber security and balance a rapidly evolving cyber t hreat landscape against the need to fulfil business requirements. This is a package designed for Hedge Funds, Private Equity Firms, Family Offices, and other regulated organisations in the investment space.

ISO 27001 Preparation

Conduct gap analysis of your current stance against ISO 27001 requirements. Prepare your organisation for ISO 27001 certification, resolve non-conformities raised in the course of re-certification, test your readiness for recertification.


Remora will work with your Chief Information Officer to manage business continuity on a day-to-day basis and identify the business impact analysis through risk asse ssments to deliver business continuity planning. Identifying business continuity risks from disasters, security or equipment failures, loss of service, attacks, and loss of service availability to the identified business processes. For each of the risks, t he possible business continuity impacts that the will on the business will be identified. Risks will be analysed for probability and impact and recorded in the Risk Register.

Working with process owners in your organisation to devise incident management and business continuity plans to ensure that any disruptions are mitigated in a way that ensures recovery of the service quickly and without too much disruption.

Staff Awareness Training

With cyber breaches increasing in frequency and complexity, formalising the measures used to reduce the risk of suffering a damaging breach has become a priority for most organisations. Gaining ISO 270001 demonstrates that your organisation's commitment to tackling the threats your organisation faces.

Human error remainsa leading cause of data breaches. Most of all successful cyber-attacks are a result of information unknowingly provided by employees. Your staff need to play an important role in safeguarding your data, so it’s vital they receive regular training that emp owers and enables your staff to combat cyber threats.

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