C-Suite Support

Do you have the right expertise at a Board level?

Do you have systems in place to manage cyber security risk?

Do you have a dedicated Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) or a virtual CISO?

Do you need a Data Protection Officer (DPO)?

Is your portfolio company or subsidiary cyber mature?

Does the business you buy have robust cyber defences?

Incident Response

Are you able to define the incident?

We will validate the data breach, examine the initial incident information and available logs to confirm that a breach of sensitive data has occurred. As well as present a full analysis of the incident

Are you confident in your ability to contain and recover following an incident?

We will identify and secure all affected data, machines, devices and systems. Ensure the network is cleaned of malicious code. We will also remediate impacted systems.

Breach Remediation

When your IT systems are breached what do you do?

We will help you estimate the damage inflicted, resolve the IT-related issues that allowed such an incident to happen and prevent your business from unwanted security events in the future. We also help you with remediating the breach situation.

Security Assessment Reviews

Does your management understand your company’s level of IT security?

What are the current and potential pitfalls of your security structures?

IT Architecture Review

How secure are your systems?

Do you have the right structure in place that will help you get efficient cybersecurity protection and handle company information safely?

Staff Awareness Training

Do your staff know how to handle information securely and avoid human related fraudulent events associated with storing and handling sensitive and confidential information?

ISO 27001 Preparation

Conduct gap analysis of your current stance against ISO 27001 requirements. Prepare your organisation for ISO 27001 certification, resolve non-conformities raised in the course of re-certification, test your readiness for recertification.

GDPR Readiness

Are you ready to comply with the new privacy legislation?

Do you have the right processes in place that will help you mitigate the risk of receiving large financial penalties that can break your business?

Request an Overview

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